Blogger, Will be a Future Career?

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Ryan Avent prove that blogger have bright future, he is one of successfull blogger that utilize his hobby to real job. Ryan jobs now to write post to Blog, online version of well known economic magazine based on English as a full time writer.

Ryan started to write his articles at his own blog at since 3 years ago for hobby when he still worked as consultant at a economic consultant firm. From his diligence in writing for his blog, he was contacted by economist team to be a contributor to economist site. As a contributor, they paid for every post he write. Thereafter economist ask him to create strategy to improve economist blog, Ryan got weekly wages, and Since 2 months ago Ryan decided to resign from his job at economic consultant firm to full time blogger.

Ryan said that he loves his job like his hobby, he working 2 hours a day and writing 7-8 posting, and the rest of his time, he reading books. If anyone ask for his jobs, he likes to say that he is a blogger. Not only at economist, he is an active blogger at, popular blog about Washington DC.

Ryan said to be an economic blogger, he don’t need Ph.D title, he just need huge insight about economy, like to read various source about economy,online and offline.

So have you decide to be a full time blogger? :)

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this article inspiring me… thank u ;)

Good article!

I also have a goal in mind to become full time blogger by end of 2008. I started my blog only 6 months ago and I am already making enough money a month to pay off my car insurance , hopefuly within next months I will be able to pay off more things. Yes it take dedication patience and good knowlege about the topic.

I like your blog , I haven’t heard about it until today.
Have a good day!

technology helps to provide more job oppurtunities. I am lucky to have a job that allows me to work at home and be my own boss.

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