OS 6 Themes for Blackberry Curve 8520 (Gemini)

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For now, RIM does not provide OS 6 for Curve 8520 (aka : Gemini).

Here is OS 6 Theme which has been tested on Curve 8520

Download here

install this theme :
– Download the theme .rar format
– Extract to your computer
– Copy one folder theme to blackberry memory card
– Open blackberry file explore
– Choose .jad to use this theme

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Upgrade Blackberry Gemini 8520 to OS 5.0

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Prepare this tool :

  1. Blackberry Desktop Software, can be download here
  2. BBSAK newest version, download from here
  3. Blackberry Software Update, The newest version can be found for AT&T, select option “Blackberry Curve 8520 smartphone”

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Knows CDMA 2000 1X Technology

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CDMA 2000 1x is the development of cdmaOne is expected to provide high-speed data services using the network and existing frequency allocations. Greater voice capacity 1.5 times when compared with the IS-95 with 153 Kbps data rate at a channel width of 1.25 MHz.

CDMA2000 1x is able to support E-mail service, Wireless Internet, download images and videos as well. CDMA2000 1x network has undergone several enhancements such as better power control. The ability of MS in the send command on the forward link power control 16 times larger than the IS-1995.

While on the architecture side of the Base Station Controller (BSC) using the Intelligent Peripheral (IP) Routing, Base Transceiver Station (BTSs) Multimod, and Packet Data Serving Node (PDSN).

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