Completely Uninstall Kloxo-MR

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Based on my experience, it’s easy to find tutorial how to install Kloxo-MR, but hard to find tutorial how to uninstall Kloxo-MR, lack of documentation for Kloxo-MR make the installation of Kloxomr difficult for some system administrators.

If you had problem during kloxo-mr installation, the easy way to troubleshoot is recreate your VPS container, but if you won’t do that, you can reinstalling kloxo-mr from scratch, but make sure the system has clean from previous install to avoid problem.

To completely uninstall kloxo-mr, follow these steps :

# yum remove mysql mysql-server mysqlclient
# yum remove mysql* php* httpd* named* vpopmail* qmail* *-toaster
# rm -rf /var/lib/mysql
# rm -rf /usr/local/lxlabs
# rm -rf /home/*
# yum remove kloxomr*

to make sure that is no kloxo packages left, you can check all installed packages

# yum list installed | less

if still one or more kloxo packages left, please remove it.

Latest, remove mratwork package

# rpm -qa | grep mratwork
# rpm -ev mratwork-release

Some services still running after remove, to make sure all services have cleaned, reboot the system

# reboot

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was awsome

Worked perfectly on Centos 6.7

thank you..

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