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Professional websites usually have the appearance of an attractive header. For a designer, it is easy to make an appearance in accordance with the desired header.

But what if we do not have the ability to design but want to make the attractive header of your website? the fastest way we can hire a designer to make the header a suitable design for our website. However, if funds are limited, we are forced to be creative with search tools that can help us to solve the problem.

There is a quick solution if we want to create a professional header, there is software that can make us do that, xheaderxheader is an application that can help you create a website header design graphics based quickly and easily.

Xheader also has templates that you can use as a basic template to create your website header.

With the easy setting, people who do not have graphic design skills can easily use this software, the result also will not lose when compared with those made using photoshop.

This software can be obtained free, really free with fully functional. but if you want to get additional basic design your header (up to 5000 templates), you can buy its full version is priced at $ 47 (There is a limited offer discount $ 10, you only pay $ 37. Just click the link above, download the Free version, and then you’ll get a chance to purchase Xheader Pro with the $10 discount. coupon code : xhp10oto).

This application is quite easy .. and in my opinion is much easier than using photoshop, you just drag and drop images / text you want to plug in the header, and give little effect there, and certainly you can save money and time.

TIPS : If you have installed xheader, and want to looking for another template, you can see at  http://www.freewebpageheaders.com/gallery/ or http://www.smashingmagazine.com/2008/03/05/blog-headers-for-free-download/ and you can customize the template and add text to the template using xheader

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