Fix CentOS USB Install Problem

Posted by cikul | Posted in Linux | Posted on 01-06-2016-05-2008


When installing CentOS using USB stick, i experienced problem with repository install after partition

Unable to read package metadata. This may be due to missing repodata directory. Please ensure that your install tree has been correctly generated. Failare: repodata/743fec56b2af0ce8d6ec82c47a4efafc2a4d18cddfa9683f29611cb18d1a33de-primary.sqlite.bz2 from anaconda-CentOS-201311271240.i386: [Ermo 256] No more mirrors to try.

The problem is because installer cannot found the file which described in repomd file located in /repodata folder

To fix the problem, go to /repodata folder on your usb stick, and change the file under repodata matched to the parameter configured in repomd file, for example :

in repomd location :

location href=”repodata/b124f0ec5323cfee56b420906a3103f0daef656dde3f7ac8220120aa7504e57a-primary.xml.gz”

so you must find the file under /repodata folder which matched with the configuration, and change the extension in accordance with the parameter configured in repomd file.

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