How To Configure cpanel backup time

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clockBy default CPANEL will perform backups on the server (when the backup was configured) at 01:00 server time. Which are off peak time, so the backup process will not burden the server performance.

So what if we want to change the backup time as we want? you need to change the crontab backub. How to change? in WHM->Plugins->Configure Cpanel Cron Times, if you can not find the menu “Configure Cpanel Cron Times”, that means you dont have cronconfig installed.


To install Cronconfig go to WHM->Cpanel menu->Manage Plugins, select the checkbox “Install and keep updated” at the cronconfig, then click save.


After that we can change the backup time through WHM-> Plugins-> Configure Cpanel Cron Times, you need to understand about the cron scheduler to configure there.


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Very Useful Post. I did not know that cpanel can do that.

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