How to register Free Google Apps

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Google Apps for Your Domain more popular, it’s way to get Gmail facility with your own domain. First launched in 2006, Google give 100 free email for each domain, but now you just given 10 account for free and must to upgrade to business version to get more accounts.

Now, link for signing up Google Apps Free  Edition more difficult to find, google seems to hide the link to drive new user signing up for business package that has a price $5/users/month.

On the main page of google apps website, there is no link that linked to register free edition, you will see link for Start New Trial and Sign In.

To Register Free Edition (up to 10 accounts), you must click Pricing Links in the header menu, and you will see sign up button for Free Edition.

We don’t know for how long Google will put Free Sign Up link on Google Apps page, but if it happen, we can check from, and pray that google still kind enough to provide free email to our domain.

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