In 2010 entire human brain will store in two desktop HDD’s

Posted by cikul | Posted in Technology | Posted on 06-07-2008-05-2008


HDDHitachi Global Storage Technologies is still confident that the standard hard drives of today will be pushing the limits of storage capacity in a couple of years time. Hitachi is continuing to push HDDs to the limit, with a strong emphasis on increasing capacity and with a clear goal in mind.

The Japan-based company has stated that it plans to have a commercial 3.5-inch hard drive on the market that can hold 5TB by 2010. It aims to achieve this with write heads that use something called current perpendicular-to-the-plane giant magnetoresistance (CPP-GMR).

As for what can be stored on such disks, Hitachi’s Yoshihiro Shiroishi explains, “By 2010, just two disks will suffice to provide the same storage capacity as the human brain.”

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