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rapidshareRapidshare is one of the world’s largest file-hosting sites, claiming that its customers have uploaded more than 10 petabytes of files onto its servers and can handle up to three million users simultaneously. As of October 2009[update], according to Alexa three month average rating, is the 18th most visited website globally. (Wikipedia)

To get files in rapidshare, you must have link provided by uploader. If you don’t have link directly to the files, and you want to find the file, you can use Google engine to find the file that you want do download.

To search, you can use keyword :

intitle:"rapidshare:" intext:"file" +(.exe|.iso|.zip|.rar)

Description :

Intitle:= title of the webpage, for default we use 'rapidshare' 

intext:= keyword that we want to find 

site:= web/url that want to search, in this case is

+(.exe|.iso|.zip|.rar)= file extension, you can add/modify this

Notes= see the file size of the file that you want to download, if 0 bytes, don't download

example = try to change 'file' with keyword below :

- "kaspersky"
- "photoshop"
- "film"
- "wallpaper"

and see the results

Sample Screenshot :


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Google is useful for shore, but I think it is much easier to use one of existing search engines. Try for example , bet you’ll find it very useful. You just have to type the name of the file you need and press “enter” and thats all. It is fast and can find files that other searchers can’t find.

Great! love site

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