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Continuing from this post, which that post have huge response from visitor, now i will continue give you report for alternate free sms you can use. Free SMS here mean, you can send SMS any number worldwide without pay anything, so totally free.

As a free stuff, sms that you send usually contains some promotional text, so you cannot use full 160 characters sms, cut by promotional text. But it’s will not matter, because what you pay is what you get, if you don’t like, you can use your mobile phone to send sms :D

here i will list some free sms provider that i found and have tested :

1. give free 3 sms every day, you must registered to use their service. Registration process are simple, after you register, you must confirm your email and they will send activation code to your mobile phone, after activate your account, you can start sending sms anywhere.

Sponsored text : “(sent from”

note for Indonesian reader :  I have tested smsup feature, they can send to GSM provider, but can’t to CDMA Provider.

Peekarno is social networking website, at this web, as though you have personal inbox for your phone, you have own inbox, you can search other person who registered with peekarno, and send them messages. Between peekarno user, you can communicate using sms. So wheresoever your friends, if they registered with peekarno, they can reply your message from short code provided by peekarno.

Peekarno allowing you to send sms message to anyone although they are not registered with peekarno before. But they can’t reply your message. Peekarno also allowe you to send message to your own mobile phone, even in future, they say that we can send reminder to our own mobile phone.

I did not see any rules how much sms sending allowed for one day, so we assume that they not limit their sms.

Sponsored text : “(sent using” with your peekarno username at the first text.

note for indonesian reader : Same with, Peekarno cannot send to Indonesian CDMA provider, at their list, just GSM Provider supported by them.



If you found another Free SMS provider, please comment, i will update this post. Your contribution & comment will be appreciated.

You freely to distribute and copy this article, but please keep copyright and links to this site. Thank You

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you may try this free sms site :)

today most of operators already charge u quite low i think, its not expensive anymore, anyway.. the sites only give u 3 sms per day…

Free SMS is a very good service for the internet users. they can send free sms to their friends.

Great! Now i can send SMS free ;]
thanks blog!

Great post, really gonna keep the phone costs down

Thanks for free sms website. I never use this free sms website, but i will try. I things this article very useful for people that search how send sms for free.

You may want to try Free, says no spam, and doesn’t log your IP like other sites.

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