Test POP3 Server using Telnet/DOS

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Start a Dos prompt
Type: telnet “the name of the pop3 server” 110
Type: user emailusername
Type: pass youremailpassword
Type: list
You will then get a list over the mails in your mailbox
Type: retr yourmailnumber
You will then see the mail with the mail number
End the session by typing “Quit”

Other Telnet commands:
stat = Status of you mailboks
dele N = delete mail nummer “N”

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Search Rapidshare archive using Google

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rapidshareRapidshare is one of the world’s largest file-hosting sites, claiming that its customers have uploaded more than 10 petabytes of files onto its servers and can handle up to three million users simultaneously. As of October 2009[update], according to Alexa three month average rating, Rapidshare.com is the 18th most visited website globally. (Wikipedia)

To get files in rapidshare, you must have link provided by uploader. If you don’t have link directly to the files, and you want to find the file, you can use Google engine to find the file that you want do download.

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How To Optimizing MySQL server

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mysqlFor the web server that using mysql as a database engine. Sometimes the process in mysql need a large resource, especially if server has a high traffic. According to my experience, to the high traffic server, the MySQL process itself can spend more than 30% of server resources. So, I will give you tips for optimizing mysql on the server that has high traffic.

Mysql configuration located in the my.cnf file, usually this file is in the /etc directory, but can also in other folders. For more safe, you can search my.cnf file to make sure the location of the file. Read the rest of this entry »

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