Tips : Remove uninstalled list in Blackberry app world

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If you have uninstalled application using bb application world, Blackberry still save your list there with tag uninstall. It can be disturb by some users like me. Try to remove using BB menu but the option is unavailabe.

To remove uninstalled list from your Blackberry app world you can go to the application (bb apps) then press alt+R+S+T. Hold alt key then press R+S+T one by one.

For Storm/Pearl — Hold the num-lock (!?123) button so it locks and then press, in sequence 3, then 4, then (

if they do not succeed, try following these steps :

  1. uninstall the app from AppWorld
  2. check that is is really uninstalled in the “manage applications”
  3. start the install the app through AppWorld
  4. cancel the installation
  5. do a battery pull

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If it on Pearl?

when I have finished to hold ‘alt’ key & press R, S, T key one by one, it will come out from BB Apps World.
but when I enter BB Apps World again & open Uninstalled list, they’re still there.

is there any other solution?

I have updated the post for pearl and if not work you can try the steps above.

not work, like these is look like copy paste from other website, shame on you

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